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Please read about eConsultation and complete the form below to request session(s). For one2one appointment please click here and call respective hospital / clinic location.

What is eConsultation?

eConsultation or electronic consultation simply means personalised consultation, therapy, counselling and support through use of online technology such as skype, face time, encrypted social media, telephone and /or email. eConsultation is an alternative way of offering initial or ongoing consultation, education, counselling, motivation, support and/or formal therapy session. Importantly it offers continuity of care for those in remote area with limited access to specialist care or for those who struggle to commute / get away during regular office hours. For many it’s a needed alternative method for ongoing review and follow up session after initial consultation.

Are eConsultation confidential? 

All psychiatric consultation is strictly confidential. While notes may be taken during or after eConsultation they are for records purpose only. These notes will not be shared with anyone unless there is express and written consent from the patient or service user. eConsultation can be more discrete as it is be done in the comfort of your personal space, and are convenient as it avoids hassle of commute and wait as well conducted at a convenient time.

Are they recorded?

eConsultation are not recorded.

How much is the fees for eConsultation? 

My fee is Rs 1500- per session (telephone or video or email support). This includes any self-help material you may receive online. You can make payment for 1 session at a time. I recommend booking and paying for 5 or 10 sessions at a time, as it will save time and avoid delay of supportive session delivery.

How do I pay?

Please complete the eConsult form and send request for type of session needed and preferred date / time. I will reply with payment method and bank transfer details.

When does sessions start?

Once you receive the payment methods, please make bank transfer and send confirmation of transfer in form of reference number or screen shot. We shall then mutually agree on a convenient time and date for commencement of sessions.

Note: All consultation session and supportive contact are not time bound. Fee is based on number of contacts. For example, you can have three FaceTime (video) consultations and two-email support to complete a five-session package. Each one2one online session can vary from 15 minutes or maximum of 45 minutes depending on whether it’s a first consultation or a follow up session or therapy session with specific agenda for addressing identified area of difficulty.