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Roshan Jain is a UK qualified specialist with extensive experience in psychiatry, addictions, psychotherapy, teaching and motivational work. He is now practising in Bangalore (India) offering person-centred mental health evaluation and interventions. 

He firmly believes that people have an inherent ability to heal themselves and are capable of recovery from illness and emotional difficulties when they are treated with respect, compassion and warmth. He takes a holistic approach in engaging individuals and their families in every aspect of treatment and clinical decisions, with a commitment to the optimisation of mind-body wellness. He has worked tirelessly in reducing the stigma associated with mental health problems through speaking events and mental health awareness education, workshops & publication.

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Holistic Psychiatry implies treating the “whole” person. The body, mind and conscious (and unconscious) thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions,

Drug and behavioural addictions are on the rise. Addiction is often associated with

Psychotherapy is a psychological method to address and treat emotional and mental health problems and its impact on life,

Stress management services are tailored to meet the individual need and include

Increasing workplace expectations and pressure drives fear, insecurity, low self-esteem

Recent Publications

Article on Sleep deprivation and Insomnia, B Positive Magazine, Mar 2018

Overcome Gloom and Doom
Oct 11 , 2017

Article on understanding difference between depressed mood and depression and ways to overcome, Oct 2017


Article on benefits of writing down your emotions and feelings, B Positive magazine, July 2017


Dr. Jain's recent talk about Digital Addiction

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