Medico-Legal Reporting- Civil & Criminal Cases

Dr Jain has extensive expertise in writing medico-legal reports in civil and criminal cases for the Courts in the United Kingdom and occupational health reports for employers and other professional organizations. He is now working with solicitor firms writing reports for the Courts in India. 

Services include:

  • Preparation of report following assessment of plaintiff claiming compensatory damages resulting from accident or injury (on behalf of either the plaintiff or the defendant).
  • A psychiatric report in criminal cases where the offender is suspected of suffering from a mental disorder.
  • Provision of an opinion for a hospital Trust or patient concerning an allegation of medical or nursing negligence.
  • Provision of evidence of good psychiatric practice in suits involving medical practitioners.
  • Report to an inquiry following a serious incident involving a patient or hospital.
  • Attendance at the Court as an expert or professional witness.
  • Second opinion on diagnosis and management of individual’s illness.

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