De-Addiction Assessment & Treatment

Drug and behavioural addictions are on the rise. Addiction is often associated with ambivalence and a sense of shame and guilt. Accepting that one has a problem is the first step toward change and rehabilitation.

Clients who think they may have an addictive problem are encouraged to seek consultation, wherein systematic evaluation of motivation for change is addressed.  All individuals are treated with respect, compassion and warmth, and intervention is guided by personal needs.

Dr Jain has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of chemical/drugs (such as alcoholism, smoking, illicit drugs like opioids and stimulants, etc.) and behavioural addiction (such as Internet addiction includes surfing, gaming, chat room, social media and sex addiction, besides gambling and gaming addiction)

Both harm minimization and abstinence program is offered. Treatment may include medication, psychotherapy (talking therapy – guided by Motivational intervention and Motivational enhancement therapy, Cue exposure therapy, Cognitive behavioural therapy, Mindfulness therapies, and Counselling. 

Much of the de-addiction program can be conducted on an outpatient basis, but some complex detoxification from drugs and alcohol may require hospitalisation for intensive and safe therapeutic treatment. Dr Jain can arrange such admission and personally monitor and supervise it. 

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