Holistic Psychiatry

Holistic Psychiatry implies treating the “whole” person. The body, mind and conscious (and unconscious) thoughts, feelings and emotional reactions, interconnectedness to family, friends and the world, and finally, the soul and connection to spirit are all considered in the treatment and healing process.

Early intervention and treatment of depression and various psychiatric, psychological and behavioural problems are addressed comprehensively and holistically. Assessments are detailed, with a thorough presentation evaluation and personal background.

Dr Jain believes educating the person and family about treatment plans and prognosis (outcome) of illness/difficulties is a key to good quality care.

Treatment emphasis may be psychotherapy (talk therapy and counselling) and lifestyle advice, with integrated, evidence-based medicinal intervention. Dr Jain prefers to avoid polypharmacy (multiple medications) and prescribes minimal required doses for the needed duration.

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